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Heathtown [userpic]

Aykroyd + Hanks attempt at rap and dancing? WTF? Dragnet music video!

March 18th, 2009 (04:38 pm)


Teen Witch's "Top That". Warning, may cause sudden reaction to slit own wrists. =p

Heathtown [userpic]

Wowsers, real life SMB movie Goomba?! WTF?

March 1st, 2009 (06:54 pm)

You be the judge!!!

Heathtown [userpic]

Depeche Mode's "Wrong" video. From the forthcoming "Sounds Of The Universe"

February 27th, 2009 (08:41 pm)

Heathtown [userpic]

Nintendo Customer Service Video from 1991!

February 4th, 2009 (01:52 pm)

Ha ha, the good old days. Hell, some of these customer service tips remind me of when people come to me with PC problems. For you "Enterprise" fans, keep an eye out for Dr. Phlox's cameo.

Heathtown [userpic]

"Chocolate Rain" was in Total Recall?

January 22nd, 2009 (05:46 pm)

Heathtown [userpic]

"Jericho" to be made into big screen venture?

January 17th, 2009 (02:40 am)

Hell yes, I hope this is true. Hopefully it doesn't get stuck in development hell. Bring on the "Civil War 2".


Jericho To Be Made Into Movie

16 January 2009 11:03 AM, PST | From wenn.com | See recent WENN news

U.S. TV drama Jericho is set for a comeback - a big screen version of the short lived series is under development.

The show, a portrayal of America post-nuclear attacks, was scrapped by network CBS after its first full season due to poor ratings.

But a campaign by a devoted group of fans convinced network executives to bring the show back for a seven-episode second season, before flagging ratings once more resulted in the series being cancelled in 2008.

But now the programme's stars, including Skeet Ulrich and Ashley Scott, are set to reprise their roles on the big screen, according to executive producer Jon Turteltaub.

He tells Moviehole.net, "We're developing a feature for Jericho. It would not require you to have seen the TV show, but it get into life after an event like this on a national scale. It would be the bigger, full on American version of what.s going on beyond the town in Jericho."

For those of you you've never seen it, Season One is now officially available to watch on in Widescreen and Youtube high quality.

Courtesy of CBS. However, embedding is disabled, so you'll have to go to the link below.


Heathtown [userpic]

Stacey's Bookstore is closing in SF!

January 16th, 2009 (08:15 pm)

Fuck, I go to bed at awkward times, and wake up to find that everything is closing. Circuit city, this store, and who knows what else. I haven't been there much, but it sucks after 85 years they're going bye, bye.

Hell, the interesting thing is this is the store that I used to mix up Stacie's spelling with. =p


Stacey's Is Closing

It is with great sadness that we announce that after 85 years in business Stacey’s will be closing its doors in March 2009. While the store generates over $4 million in sales, increasing expenses and steadily decreasing sales have compelled the owners to decide to vacate before the current lease expires in 2011. We have wonderful and loyal customers and had hoped to stick it out until our lease expired in 2011, but conditions in the past few months have compelled us to close sooner rather than later.

What is it about the month of March and store closures? 


Arrgh, I've gotta use up the couple of gift cards I have left (this is for circuit city), as they noted on their site:

Will Circuit City stores continue to accept Circuit City gift cards?

  • Yes, customers holding Circuit City gift cards may redeem them at full value at our stores during the liquidation sales.  Once the stores are closed and the company is out of business, the gift cards will have no value.

Heathtown [userpic]

2009 loses Khan and The Prisoner. . .D'oh!

January 14th, 2009 (11:14 pm)


R.I.P. Patrick McGoohan and Ricardo Montalban

News - R.I.P.
Written by FANGORIA.com   
Wednesday, January 14, 2009 06:10 PM
Fango learned this afternoon that two more great actors have left us.
Patrick McGoohan is best known to horror fans as Dr. Paul Ruth in David Cronenberg's 1981 classic, SCANNERS, while general audiences will remember his performance as THE PRISONER.

Ricardo Montalban struck a chord with readers of our sister mag, STARLOG for his portrayal of STAR TREK's villainous Khan, while his early work included appearances on ALFRED HITCHCOCK PRESENTS.

Both men died of natural causes. McGoohan was 80, Montalban, 88.

Source: Los Angeles Times

Heathtown [userpic]

Abbey Elliot as Rachel Maddow!

January 11th, 2009 (06:08 pm)

Hmm...I pretty good impression from the offspring of Chris Elliot.

Heathtown [userpic]

AVGN vs. Moonwalker and AVGN vs. Bible Games 2 (Christmas theme)

January 7th, 2009 (09:28 pm)

Oh lordy!!!

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